Sayonara TikTok!

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Sayonara TikTok! It’s time to bid adieu to the viral app that kept us entertained during the pandemic.

The Definitive List of Free WordPress Plugins

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The Freemium model is here to stay. People want to try your product before committing to paying for it. Especially advanced users who most likely buy into, at least some aspects of, the Open Source ethos.

WordPress plugins are no exception. This also means that your free version gives away are least one of your best features. The upsell should be tempting, but users have to fall in love with what they get for free.

Here’s my list of plugins I love and the free versions add a ton of value.

How to Level UP your Small Business Website?

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We can’t always meet the budgets that people are looking for, but you do get what you pay for. To borrow from the tattoo community, cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap.

Forecasts Are Always Wrong

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I realized a long time ago to surround myself with people smarter than me and learn everything you can from them. There are many steps along my journey I could never have done alone. And maybe that’s the point.

Tip Your Bartender

Let me add some “flavor” to my GoFundMe story since this is my site. There is going to have to be a whole lot more we than me in the coming months. Being a millennial and a company of millennials this is our time. We are not selfish. We were just dealt a shitty hand. […]

Requiem for a Team

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Paradigms, paradox, paranoia, paramount, pragmatic… Performance. To paraphrase what it is to Product Manage.

If you’re doing it right you should always be amongst a mental breakdown and maniatic episodes.

Your authority should be inconsequential, but people should always want to follow you.

What’s UP with ClickUp?

Do you develop software? Project Manage? Set Goals? Roadmap? Need to organize about anything? Did I cover enough keywords there? I’m about to tell you about the dopest solution I’ve found for these and more.

Cash or Credit

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One of my most important mentors taught me this lesson and it applies wider than I think he thought.

In general the concept is in development you are either paying “cash” or “credit”. Paying in cash means that you are settling your debt today. Paying in credit meaning you are waiting until “tomorrow” to take care of something.

State of Play

State of Play So we have Stadia and we have Apple Arcade. Both seem to undercut the traditional revenue relationship between developer and parent. Subscription service for unlimited access. Breaking from the freemium tradition. Based on the headlines it seems developers are somewhat in the dark on how they’re going to get paid long term or at […]