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Jared and I are lucky enough to have met a lot great people through our careers and personal life. Spending a lot of time in call centers you meet a lot of people. Mandy and her husband Matt are no exception.
We were very close for our high school and early college years. As people do, we lost touch a bit when we all started our careers and families of our own. Even though we did have a hell of a time at a Cubs game we all happened to be at together years later.
In the original benefit of social media we reconnected over the last few years. Once we found out about Mandy’s business Ready to Shine Design we immediately asked how we could help. We were able to help design a new logo that we all love and a website to help get her name and work out there.
Ready to Shine Design provides makeovers to your home that you have to see to believe. If you’re in the Cedar Rapids area transform the dull parts of your home into something that Shines.