How to Level UP your Small Business Website?

Is your design outdated? 

I won’t call anyone out by dropping example links, but you know who you are. Have you not updated your site in years? Does it not look as good as your competition or other sites you visit?
Now does your site need to be on par with the internet giants you use everyday? Hell no. Is it easy to make you look good for less than you might think? Yes.
A few basic things to consider. 

Does your site load fast?

Even how Google ranks sites has speed as a factor. Regardless, most people aren’t going to wait long for a site to long these days. Making sure you optimize this can make a big difference with potential customers.

Is your site easy to use?

Making sure what you want customers to know is available and easy to find is something to always keep in mind. This can be different based on your goals. Even being an experienced internet user I’ve found myself turned off by not being able to find what I want on sites.

How much is this going to cost you?

Leveled UP is a small shop depending on repeat business from clients that are growing. Our rates are set with the goal your business will grow in some part due to our work. In return we expect you will come back to us for what you need next. We’re investing in your success.
We can’t always meet the budgets that people are looking for, but you do get what you pay for. To borrow from the tattoo community, cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap.

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