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One of the things we’re most grateful for is our (mine and Mease’s) time at GMAC Mortgage. We both started at 20. For the record Jared is older than me, by almost a year!
In about a decade we learned more than most MBAs could hope for. Believe me, I’ve met some… Growing up in leadership roles with some of the best coaches and mentors you could ever ask for. One of the senior leaders we worked was Marty Postel. Since he ran analytics I especially spent a lot of time making him look good (kidding Marty, maybe 🙂 ).
Even though Marty was an executive level leader and had been at GMAC forever he was still “down to earth”. Marty would always back me up or trust me when I needed it. Believe me there were a lot of those times.
I couldn’t write this without commenting that he’s also a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with outside of work. Even 5+ years after leaving I saw him at a “going away party” and he made time to have a conversation with me. He’s a great dude and it meant a lot.
Long enough introduction.
Marty sent me an invite to his run for Black Hawk County Supervisor earlier this year. Of course I was going to support him. I reached out and he messaged me back right away. Like I said, he’s that type of guy.
Even though we were at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic we met several times via video chat. Marty trusted us to send a very large campaign mailer for him without question. He never hesitated and we delivered.
Things didn’t work out as we hoped for the campaign, but he was going up against three incumbents. A pandemic stifles any new entries notoriety as well I’m sure.
My point is that even after years Marty knew we would deliver and trusted us to do it without a second guess.
Marty has continued to trust us and referred us to his network for which we couldn’t thank him enough.
This is what we’re about and whom we’re so proud to serve.
Thanks Marty! We’re always here to help chase your dream
Marty Postel Mailer Postel for Supervisor

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