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SouthSide Cares: Fundraiser Event

One of our favorite partners is SouthSide Cares in Des Moines, IA. We’ve been working with these folks for getting close to a year now. If you don’t know they fundraise for people in their community that are having a hard time getting by. They have helped those battling cancer and many other devastating circumstances.
When our team first met with this group to see how we could help we were awestruck by how many people were there. We pitched to a packed room at the #109 FOE Hall in Des Moines. The more we learned the more we saw how big of a difference they make in people’s lives.
People talk about how much they love their community or neighbor. SouthSide Cares doesn’t talk about it, they do it. Drive folks to their appointments, pay their medical bills, and more and more.
These are our type of people. Doing what they can for other people and the right thing to do. Bonus points, we also like to have a beer or two with them when we can.
So finally getting to my point here. They’ve had a hard time like a lot of people during the pandemic. A lot of their fundraising is through events and that hasn’t been possible. Luckily we were able to help them with some online order forms on their site for a fundraiser they ran. Feel good for us is that the response was amazing. Now we can’t claim all the credit for making orders available online. We hope that we made the process easier and spread awareness.
Our team had a lot of lessons learned from this event that we can build on for next time. It may have been a simple thing we did on their website, but anytime SouthSide Cares does well it feels great.
During the fundraiser they sold 120 dozen enchiladas, 100 dozen egg rolls, 80 dozen crab rangoons, and raised over $3,000 for their cause!  

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