So Google right? Analytics, Tag Manager, Console, Optimize, Page Insights. Mainstay products for websites and free. They love us (or want our data) so much that they made it even easier to use these products.
Drop in the WordPress plugin and it walks you thru hooking them up with the UX that you’ve come to expect from them.
So let’s get this straight. You have a wonderful analytics tool in Google Analytics (not to mention Big Query or Data Studio). Tag Manager lets me version control and deploy without writing “spaghetti code”. Optimize by be the best A/B testing software I’ve ever seen. And you have to use Google Search Console. Guess what? Drop in a plugin and it all works. Well they made what was already great even easier to use.
These are all well designed, easy to use, and top of the line products. And I’m somewhat qualified to make that statement.
If you aren’t using this product line you need to. If you aren’t dropping in Google Site Kit you’re late. If you need help give us a call.

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