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The Ultimate Employee Perk

Something cool I thought I would share from the many ads I get on Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, etc.

These guys have made an Employee Perks card that isn’t something everyone throws away. From what I’m gathering you can send money back and forth to your buddy for doing something good. Think Venmo. “Hey Johnny, sorry I suck and threw something into the sprint after planning….”

You can also do your meal plan stuff on here if you aren’t a free for all like Facebook or Google. Zzzzzzzz…

If you’re a fan of giving your employees “Experiences” you can make it a Fandango or StubHub.

Pretty dope that you can setup automated rewards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or even a Sign On Bonus.

Fitness Plans and Education stipends seem like a fairly universal benefit for even the biggest laggards. Cleans up a lot of headaches.

They dump it all on a card like Venmo too, so you can use it right away if you want.

I dig it. https://zestful.com/