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Google Data Studio… If you don’t know, you better ask somebody…

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Big Data is the buzziest buzz word of the day. You have your Hadoop, your Spark, Map Reduce this Map Reduce that. R still lives and breathes even though it still confuses me and I’m not afraid to admit it. Python is great to learn regardless. Julia has my interest for now.

I could care less about any of them for the moment. Data Studio is better, easier, free, and everything else you want. 

Check it. 



I’ll start with that you can already connect to a bunch of public data sources they have that are sick. For you degenerates lets look at the baseball database. The amount of data and granularity available per at bat is insane. 144 attributes to each pitch, yup I can’t even do it justice. There’s also a Star Wars data source for you nerds that’s pretty rad.


Baseball Dataset




 You can create reports with ease. I’ve used a few different software suites so with ease means something. Tons of templates to help you get started. You can connect to multiple data sources in a report with ease. These reports can be multiple pages and you can schedule them daily to get emailed out. 

 Leveled Up Luke Rohm Google Data Studio Temple


Google is updating Data Studio A LOT. I assume they think this is as big of a game changer as I do. It takes no time to connect to Google Analytics, Search Console, and all their products as you might expect. I’m also linking up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever I want. Build links to your old MySQL or other databases.

Go look and tell me I’m wrong. It’s stupid easy and better than most.   



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