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Why you should switch to Google Fi and use my referral link
Crushing on Google Fi
So I’ve been an iPhone guy since the 4 came out on Verizon. I mean who actually has AT&T service? I’ve finally crossed over to the dark side. Google has made solid products and been very “not Apple” in the right areas for years. G Suite is miles ahead of Office now and the price can’t be beat. Android has always been a neat concept to me, but the phones were trash. The same arguments of how Windows OS is superior.
What does this have to do with Google Fi? Not that much as you can bring your iPhone over to Google Fi free for 30 days. They mail you a SIM card. You do miss out on Google’s millions of Hot Spots. There’s one downtown Des Moines that I connected to without knowing. You also cycle through 3 networks to find the best connection.
I needed a new phone and no one offers discounts on them for renewing your plan. The Pixel is a great phone. It has iPhone usability with the customization of Android. You also get an adaptor in the box to connect to your iPhone and everything transfers over. There are some things to get use to, but worth it. Also did you know they have Widgets? Widgets though!
So finally, what’s so great about Google Fi? First, no contract. $20 for your standard text/talk plan and $15 per user after. You can actually get insurance on your phone and it’s $7 a month. Plan is simple. $10 a gig of data up to 6 and then it’s free. After 15 gigs they slow you down, but at least tell you and you can pay to speed it back up. This scales, with volume discount, as you add more people to your plan.
Where’s the catch? I’ve been wondering this as my first few bills (for a month) were around $40. I pushed it this last month and went over the 6 GBs. my bill was still $90ish. As I mentioned you have widgets to show you how much data you’ve used and alerts can be setup so it’s very visible.


If there is a secret plot here by Google? I don’t care. Do they want more of my data? Cool. Don’t care. Ads that are more relevant to me are better anyway. Here’s my referral link. Do you and me a favor and switch. Peace/Out

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